Word Of The Day – “charanga”

Charanga – n. A loud-ass old car or truck. From Cuban Spanish for a dance band. By definition, most if not all of the cars in Scare City and on the planet Oasis could be considered charangas. Check out the entire Concrete Park glossary.


Word Of The Day – “Desaparecidos”

Desaparecidosn. The missing. The exiles of Oasis. Spanish. One of the hardest things for the exiles to accept is that successive waves of young humans have landed on this penal colony in space with no more knowledge of its existence than the first arrivals had, indicating that most people on Earth have no idea what the New Earth Council is doing or where huge numbers of Earth’s poor youth are disappearing to.The young exiles are truly “the forgotten ones”. Check out the entire Concrete Park glossary.

Word Of The Day – “chola” / “chonga”

Chola n. A latin gang girl, the female counterpart of a cholo. Arched eyebrows and gelled hair are a must. So is a razor. A chola is down for her barrio.
n. A gang girl with a Miami style, a somewhat less serious variant of Chola. If a chola is down for her barrio, a chonga is down for her hair gel and her barrio, in that order. ex. “Those M-80s tricks swore they were the hardest cholas going, but when they ran, all you could smell was chonga.” Check out the entire Concrete Park glossary here.

Word Of The Day – “Abdidas”

Abdidasn. A disparaging word taking in all the fake-ass clothes and shoes made and sold on Oasis or brought used from Earth. adj. as in: fake, bogus, counterfeit. ex. “Here in Scare City, love and friendship? Abdidas, man.” Check out the entire Concrete Park glossary.