Reviews are in for Concrete Park in Dark Horse Presents 8!

Reviews are coming in for the second big installment of Concrete Park in Dark Horse Presents 8, on sale now! CBR says: “The visuals on “Concrete Park” are a highly graphic style that is incredibly appealing”. Ryan King of Go Suck A Comic says: “Puryear goes the route of literary master Octavia E. Butler and transcends (the) urban struggle with the captivating blend of a dystopian struggle. I believe most readers will grasp onto the science-fiction aspects of this new series more so than they would notice the race-class-urban challenges. This is a series to keep your eye out for.”



A Message In A Bottle

Welcome to the new official blog for Concrete Park! We decided to call this blog “Message In A Bottle” because a blog post does have that quality of a Hail Mary pass or an S.O.S signal going out into the ether. You don’t know if anyone will ever read it. Should someone chance to read it, would they understand what the hell you’re on about or would they care?

We hope this series of small epistles and articles will help our fans to interact with the story world of Concrete Park and with its creators. We’d love to hear from you!