Best-Selling 3D models by Tony Puryear – Part 1

In addition to drawing and writing Concrete Park, I make and sell some of the best-selling digital 3D models in the world. My Third Degree line includes sexy spies, assassins, and ninja. Family fun, right? Much as Stan Lee did with superheroes, I invested my trademarked characters with relatable personalities and problems, and combined them in a fun, interlocking story world.

It was also important to me that the characters be of different colors and ethnicities. In 2008, when I got into the game, 3D was a very white world. I’m extremely proud that the Third Degree™ line smashed that barrier forever. The different colors of the characters proved to be a selling point. 3D hobbyists seemed to like it, because since 2008, these babies have been flying off the digital shelves. Working with great partner 3D artists like Kathie Berry, hongyu and Bill Chamberlin, I’ve built a great collection of IP that I hope will be valuable in other media as well.

Click the pics for larger images.