Our Official Schedule for Comic Con 2013!


It’s going to be a busy four days for us at SDCC 2013! Stop by and find us at the Dark Horse Booth and get exclusive news straight from the horse’s mouth about our new Concrete Park limited series. Come talk and bring a book to sign. At each destination, Erika will be promoting her new drama series, Low Winter Sun (AMC, debuting August 11, after Breaking Bad). Come see the panel we’re on this year, or look for us at the Milestone 20th Anniversary Party, at Trickst3r or at Gam3rCon!

Thursday, July 18, 2PM-3PM, Rm 9 – Panel – “The Writer’s Journey, Breaking In To Hollywood and Comic Scriptwriting” – Moderated by Brandon Easton

Friday, July 19, 6PM-7PM – Signing – Dark Horse Booth, #2615

Friday, July 19, 9PM – Milestone 20th Anniversary Party

Saturday, July 20, 2PM-3PM, Gam3rcon – Independent Game Developer Panel

Thanks to Michael Davis for showing us so much comics love.

Thanks also to Lauren Selman of Gam3rCon.

Special thanks to Mike Richardson, Kari Yadro and their whole Dark Horse Comics SDCC team for making us so welcome to the Dark Horse family this year.

– Tony Puryear


2 thoughts on “Our Official Schedule for Comic Con 2013!

  1. I just saw a promo re: Concrete Park and while it looks cool and I’ll keep an eye out for a collection of it, I just wanted to raise some food for thought.

    I recently heard a study on NPR that essentially stated that the best way to fight prejudice culturally speaking is to present repeated images that counter the stereotypes. Images that break expectations humanize and create empathy and reduce demonization of the other. With that in mind it seems like The Cosby Show may have done more for race relations than 1000 The Wires ever could.

    Which makes me think about a dystopian criminalized poor brown people planet like Concrete Park. It seems to just reinforce the stereotypes whites have on the passive image basis. The depths of the writing can break stereotypes and images, but on simple imagery it reinforces.

    I’d just like to suggest for your next project in comics (if you do more) to consider classically heroic brown people. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, The Shadow/Batman, Superman/Doc Savage, Spiderman, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and whatever else you can think of as a rough model, but culturally altered, updated, inflected with brown heroes.

    Now I’m a 40 y/o left-wing white dude and I know it isn’t my place to suggest a creative direction. I write and draw myself and get annoyed when most people think they know better about what I should create. I don’t, I’m just suggesting you may want to consider the NPR thing when conceiving the next project. Good luck either way.

  2. Hey Nik, thanks for the food for thought. We think a lot about the issue you raise. We Love The Cosby Show, (Erika, the co-creator and co-writer of the book was ON the Cosby Show). If we thought we were only reinforcing stereotypes with our work on Concrete Park, we’d quit. But…

    With Concrete Park, we want to do all the things you suggest, including and especially to “break expectations, humanize and create empathy” for our characters of whatever color, human and non-human. But we want to talk about poverty, about ethnic and religious hatred, about the things we see in our travels from Central America to Egypt (have you seen whats going on in Egypt this week? Unbelievable) to Asia to Mexico to right here in Los Angeles. We want to write human stories, set in a troubled place and time, and to write them from the inside out. If we do our job well (and our role models are 19th Century novelists like Victor Hugo, Dickens, Dostoevsky), we’ll perhaps help our readers to see themselves as the other and the other as them.

    We really appreciate your taking the time to write. We hope you’ll continue to follow Concrete Park.

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