Best-Selling 3D models by Tony Puryear – Part 1

In addition to drawing and writing Concrete Park, I make and sell some of the best-selling digital 3D models in the world. My Third Degree line includes sexy spies, assassins, and ninja. Family fun, right? Much as Stan Lee did with superheroes, I invested my trademarked characters with relatable personalities and problems, and combined them in a fun, interlocking story world.

It was also important to me that the characters be of different colors and ethnicities. In 2008, when I got into the game, 3D was a very white world. I’m extremely proud that the Third Degree™ line smashed that barrier forever. The different colors of the characters proved to be a selling point. 3D hobbyists seemed to like it, because since 2008, these babies have been flying off the digital shelves. Working with great partner 3D artists like Kathie Berry, hongyu and Bill Chamberlin, I’ve built a great collection of IP that I hope will be valuable in other media as well.

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Word Of The Day – “Desaparecidos”

Desaparecidosn. The missing. The exiles of Oasis. Spanish. One of the hardest things for the exiles to accept is that successive waves of young humans have landed on this penal colony in space with no more knowledge of its existence than the first arrivals had, indicating that most people on Earth have no idea what the New Earth Council is doing or where huge numbers of Earth’s poor youth are disappearing to.The young exiles are truly “the forgotten ones”. Check out the entire Concrete Park glossary.

Making A Promotional Giveaway Flower For Comic Con, Part 2

We posted a while ago about the promotional giveaway we’re making for Comic Con 2012 in San Diego. We’re going to be making a plastic flower that’s a replica of the one our lead character, Luca, wears in her hair in Concrete Park. We’re documenting the process here in the blog.

The first step in the process is to make a real, life-size prototype for our factory in China to work from. Last time we showed you the digital 3D model our friend Bill Chamberlin made. Next we needed to print out a real-world prototype, and for that we turned to one of the most talented 3D artists in the world. Hongyu is a Chinese designer who makes some of the finest (and best-selling) virtual clothes in the business. I’ve worked with him for four years, and it’s a real honor to have him contribute to this project. Hongyu took our virtual model, in .obj format, prepared it carefully and “printed it out, and the result is what you see at bottom, an exact, real-world version of Luca’s iconic flower that you can hold in your hand, or more importantly, use to make a mold.

It’s so exciting to see this latest step, because it makes our goal of seeing hundreds of people wearing one of these flowers in their hair at Comic Con seem suddenly possible and real.

We asked him to tell us a little about himself and about how he got involved in this work:

“My name is hongyu and I’m 35 years old and I live in southern China. I studied art and clothing design in school. I became interested in 3D because I cannot paint as well as others. In the late 90s I began to learn computer graphics. I found using a computer can make it easy for me to do the drawing and it is the most advanced tool for designers. A designer always comes with a prototype, and a 3D printer makes any designer’s dream come true, it not only makes prototyping faster than ever but also makes it possible to improve a design in the early stages. Iin the past, problems are always found when it is already in the market.”

Next steps: Now that we have our awesome prototype, it’s on to the toy factory, where we’ll make some more magic! Stay tuned!

More on this step in our next installment. Any questions? suggestions? feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

– Tony Puryear