A great new review for Concrete Park!

A great new review appeared today in the comics blog iFanboy. It was significant for us in two ways. First, it’s always good when someone praises your work, and as you’ll see, they praised us effusively. Second, though, they evaluated it in context with everything that’s appeared in the new Dark Horse Presents for the past 10 issues and pronounced it one of the “great” things about those past ten issues! Here’s Matt Adler of iFanboy on Concrete Park:

“Concrete Park by Tony Puryear Dark Horse Presents #7 -9

How to describe this extremely offbeat serial? Perhaps as an urban fairytale, but this really isn’t something you’d want to read your kids to put them to sleep at night. In the Los Angeles of the “near future”, gangs are warring for supremacy as always, but in a world where law and order has broken down, the stakes are even higher. Still, it’s the characters more so than the setting that make this story compelling, from Isaac, a gangbanger who tries and fails to protect his young sister, to Luca, a high-roller who likes to use her sex appeal in negotiations but may now find herself in over her head. Puryear does a great job on both the visual and verbal fronts, and the result is a tale which even only three installments in has me hooked. – Matt Adler”

Thanks Matt! We have some great stuff coming up in future episodes, hope you’ll stick with us!


Heading to WonderCon 2012 Pt. 2 – Hanging with Joss and Cabin in the Woods

WonderCon 2012 was a right drag. At times. At other times, it sang. Erika and I were among the suicidal souls who took our lives in our hands and braved the 405 in the rain to get down to Anaheim and WonderCon. Oh Anaheim, where is thy coffee? Where art thy gourmet pizzas and designer sushi? Anaheim is officially sad, full stop. Anaheim in the rain is a circle of hell you can’t party enough in this life to visit. Anyway, our homeboy Geoff Boucher invited us to the Hero Complex screening of #CabinInTheWoods. It was friggin’ awesome, with twists and turns we didn’t see coming, and we’re both screenwriters. Funny AND scary, and just downright entertaining. After, we stayed for Geoff’s QA with writer/producer Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard and got to hang with Joss and Drew backstage. Joss is in much better shape than you’d imagine and Drew is TALL. Funny, unassuming, great guys. It was the highlight of our Con.


Heading to WonderCon 2012 Pt. 1 – The New Business Cards

WonderCon 2012 kicks off this weekend in Anaheim (!) and Team Concrete Park is going in style. We’re going to jump into the trusty Honda and hit the highway at rush hour on Thursday to go to Geoff Boucher’s LA Times Hero Complex Party. He’ll be premiering the LA Times’s new Hero Complex Magazine, (cool) and everyone will be networking their asses off. The thing to do at swingin’ soirees like this is to have a cool business card. The only problem is, up til last night, we didn’t have one. I got out the trusty Photoshop and went to work, and an hour later, this design was finished. I sent the file off to VistaPrint and tomorrow, the cards, all 14lbs of them, should arrive via UPS. Ain’t technology grand?

Character Of The Day – Samad

Samad was born in Cairo to a wealthy family of doctors and lawyers. A sudden reversal of his family’s fortunes left a fifteen year-old Samad and his brothers and sisters out on the streets, where they were rounded up and transported to Oasis to work in the mines. He never saw his siblings again. In the mines and on the streets of Scare City, this entitled young prince of a boy became a man fueled by a burning rage. He is now The Potato King’s premier gunman and a danger to anyone foolish enough to look him in the eye. Except Luca, and he’s not sure how he feels about her.